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Special Collection

Methodological Advances in Coastal and Maritime Archaeology

Collection launched: 25 Sep 2019

There is a growing consensus that coastal areas played a role in human societies around the world since prehistoric times and offered unique conditions for cultural diversity, adaptability and resilience.. Coastal and maritime archaeology has consequently undergone unprecedented methodological advances in the last decades, from sophisticated remote sensing and submerged landscape reconstructions to laboratory analyses of past biomolecules from sedimentary, artefactual and biological records. This special issue aims to bring together researchers working at these multidisciplinary frontiers and who apply new approaches in their respective fields to shape future applications in coastal and maritime archaeology. The papers in this special issue provide refreshing contributions to debate past coastal landscape, subsistence strategies, theoretical approaches to surveys and excavations, and more generally to the longstanding human interaction with marine and coastal ecosystems around the world.

Guest editors: Niklas Hausmann, Andre Carlo Colonese, Geoff Bailey